Monday, 2 December 2013

c Sept 2012 ~ 2 Dec 2013


  1. You can't just say RIP Louie and not say what happened! What kind of blogger are you? The non-informative kind apparently! For goodness sake father! WHAT HAPPENED! Tried calling but one of those females is tying up the line.
    - From #4

  2. Sorry, #4. I was still a little rattled by the sudden demise of our old mate, Louie.

    He looked a bit uncomfortable last night, and early this morning when we checked him he was cast and in considerable pain. He was visibly deteriorating and in obvious distress, so I had to do the right thing and put him out of his misery. I can assure you that this is the real down-side of giving farm animals a name and attributing anthropomorphic traits to them.