Sunday, 29 December 2013

A day at the beach at Marahau (41°00.4S, 173°00.6E) was enjoyed by all yesterday. The day, being overcast, was very enjoyable as it was not too hot. Many holiday-makers were present, and the beach at times hosted more tractors connected to boat-launching trailers than cars in the car parks.
All photos by Susan Westrupp

 Fiji visitor reckons this is just the berries. 
 Look! The Martians are coming!
 The large beach in front of Marahau hosts cockle beds, which fortunately for them, are covered for most of the day with tides up to 4 metres high.
 Where did those Martians go?
 No, this isn't them.
 Rock Hound
Cuzzie Bro's

After a quite long walk along the National Park tracks, we repaired to The Fat Tui, a seasonally open mobile restaurant that produces hamburgers to die for. Mine was venison with plum sauce and too many other ingredients to remember. Delicious! The kids had fish 'n chips, as I don't think that even one of them, no matter how hungry, could have disposed of one of the hamburgers. Son-in-law Ricky, however, disposed of the the largest one with hardly a burp!   

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