Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The need for a planter box on the verandah became our Saturday project. My better half was in charge of design, and I in charge of construction. We collaborated on sourcing the materials from the off-cut stack in Watership Down. The box is 800 mm long, 270 mm deep and holds a bit more than 20 litres of soil - in this case strawberry mix. We anticipate a bumper crop - if the avian fraternity don't beat us to it.


  1. Watch out for the limacine gang. I hear they're quite partial to a ripe and luscious strawberry. And I wouldn't put it past the leporine varmints either. As for that woolly ovine friend of yours...You might just have to set up watch on your deck in your rocker with a shot gun. :)

    Paulette. (By the way, I'm impressed with your handywork.)

  2. Crikey, Paulette! I had to take advantage of a search engine for the meaning of some of those words. Your kids, being home-schooled should have an excellent vocabulary. But.... did you mean an 'i'? :)