Saturday, 21 September 2013

Our current weather (at 17:20) today.

Our rain started yesterday afternoon along with a brief, and unusual for these parts, thunderstorm. The days are getting warmer, but we are still behind for the aggregated Growing Degree Days (GDD) for the same period in September last year.

For your info, and I am sure you will be thrilled to know,  GDDs are worked out quite simply by taking the maximum temperature for the day, adding it to the minimum temperature for the day, dividing that by 2, and subtracting the temperature that your target organism enjoys - or can grow in. In other words GDD = (Tmax+Tmin)/2 - Tbase. Where Tmax is the maximum daily temperature and is set to 30°C when temperatures exceed 30°C. Tmin is the minimum daily temperature is set equal to 10°C when temperatures fall below 10°C. Tbase is the base temperature for the organism. I am using 5°C as the base temperature at present. The aggregated GDDs graphed as below, show clearly that last September was warmer than this year, to date.

Sorry for the lecture. :)

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